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Laura Nielsen

Laura Nielsen

Vice President and Director of Contracts

Laura Nielsen serves as the Vice President and Director of Contracts at Riverside, where she plays a critical role in overseeing various aspects of company operations, particularly focusing on the contracting and subcontracting processes. Laura’s journey with Riverside began in 2002, starting from the front desk and steadily progressing to her current leadership positions. Throughout her tenure, Laura has contributed significantly to the organization, providing support across multiple domains including administration, office management, business development, proposal support, contract management, event planning, and program management. Additionally, Laura is entrusted with the oversight of Riverside’s ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System, ensuring adherence to rigorous quality standards.

Beyond her professional commitments, Laura finds joy in spending quality time with her husband and two dogs. She also indulges in creative pursuits, such as jewelry crafting, which allows her to express her artistic side. An avid practitioner of yoga, Laura finds solace and rejuvenation through her practice, while her passion for gardening allows her to connect with nature and cultivate a sense of tranquility. Laura’s diverse interests and dedication to both her professional and personal endeavors exemplify her holistic approach to life and work.