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Jessica Green

Jessica Green

Program Support Specialist

As a Program Support Specialist at Riverside, Jessica plays a pivotal role in facilitating coordination among Program Management teams, staff, and clients across various contracts and task orders. Her responsibilities include assisting with policy writing, creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), maintaining the staff intranet site, and developing marketing and social media content. Jessica also oversees the organization of team meetings, onsite staff engagement initiatives, and facilitates avenues for recruiting new talent.

Before joining Riverside in 2021, Jessica accumulated over a decade of managerial experience in the hospitality and restaurant industry across North Carolina, Tennessee, and Utah. A native of Asheville, North Carolina, Jessica returned to her hometown in 2018 to be closer to her and her husband’s family. During her pursuit of a Masters of Science in Information from Drexel University, Jessica contributed to Chimney Rock State Park in Western North Carolina by assisting with digital archives and educational programs, ultimately joining the Park Advisory Committee.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Jessica finds solace and fulfillment in her love for hiking, outdoor activities, and advocating for natural resource conservation. Whether tending to her garden, exploring trails, or enjoying camping trips, Jessica’s passion for the outdoors remains unwavering. Additionally, she prioritizes spending quality time with her family and pets, further enriching her life beyond the professional realm.