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Jamie Ramage

Jamie Ramage

Risk Manager

Jamie Ramage, based in Asheville, NC, serves as a pivotal member of Riverside’s team, bringing extensive expertise as a Risk Manager/Quality Management Assistant. With a focus on ongoing quality and risk management activities within Riverside’s Program Management Office, Jamie plays a crucial role in fostering a culture of risk awareness and mitigation, ensuring the organization operates at peak efficiency and effectiveness. His dedication to these responsibilities underscores his commitment to maintaining Riverside’s high standards and delivering exceptional results to clients.

In addition to his role in risk and quality management, Jamie contributes to various aspects of Riverside’s operations, drawing on his leadership and project management skills honed through previous roles in healthcare-adjacent industries. With a background in settings as diverse as IT operations, pharmaceutical advertising, and medical laboratory management, Jamie brings a multifaceted expertise that drives success across Riverside’s diverse portfolio of projects. His ability to navigate complex challenges and deliver innovative solutions positions him as a valuable asset to the organization.

Educated at the University of Mississippi, Jamie holds an M.A. in Outdoor Education and Leisure Management (1996) and a B.A. in English (1994). Leveraging his comprehensive skill set, Jamie effectively meets corporate initiatives through strategic leadership and meticulous attention to detail. Beyond his professional commitments, Jamie enjoys exploring the natural beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, reflecting his passion for adventure and personal growth. Jamie’s dynamic approach to both professional and personal pursuits exemplifies his dedication to excellence and continuous improvement.