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George Smith

George Smith

Senior Scientist and Director of Client-site Operations

Dr. George Smith holds the esteemed position of Senior Scientist and Director of Client-site Operations at Riverside, where he spearheads and oversees client delivery operations. With a distinguished career spanning over 48 years, George is a leading authority in environmental engineering sciences, leveraging his expertise to develop and operate modeling systems aimed at safeguarding life and property across the United States and internationally. Prior to his tenure at Riverside, George served in pivotal roles such as Chief of the National Weather Service Office of Hydrology Laboratory and NOAA’s Weather and Water Goal Lead, where he played a crucial role in enhancing river and flood forecasting capabilities and guiding planning and programming efforts for a significant portion of NOAA’s budget.

George’s profound commitment to advancing environmental science and fostering innovation is evident in his leadership approach. He is dedicated to cultivating high-performing teams focused on exceeding customer expectations and delivering tangible results. His emphasis on sound science to inform decision-making processes, coupled with his people-first management style, not only drives success within delivery teams but also resonates throughout the federal community, fostering a culture rooted in integrity, respect, and technical innovation.

Beyond his professional endeavors, George remains actively engaged in scientific communities such as the American Meteorological Society and the American Fisheries Society, where he shares his expertise and contributes to advancements in atmospheric and oceanic sciences. Outside of his work commitments, George finds fulfillment in supporting his local volunteer fire and rescue department and tending to his family’s horse farm alongside his wife. His multifaceted contributions, both professionally and personally, reflect his unwavering dedication to making a positive impact in his community and beyond.