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Riverside is proud to announce the recent award for the NOAA ProTech Oceans contract!

April 22, 2024
Image of ocean and corals with a sunset behind

Riverside is proud to announce the recent award for the ProTech Oceans contract, a vital part of the Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (ProTech) solution! As the recipient of this 10-year multiple award IDIQ contract, Riverside will provide professional and technical services to the NOAA, focusing on support for the National Ocean Service (NOS), inclusive of:

  • – Case studies, analyses, and reports
  • – Applied research, development, engineering, consulting, and operations
  • – Field sampling, data collecting, and surveys
  • – Consulting, program and project management
  • – Capacity building

Coastal communities face challenges from a variety of events, including sea-level rise, storms and hurricanes, coastal erosion, coastal pollution, climate change impacts, economic challenges, infrastructure vulnerability, and community displacement. ​ These events can threaten infrastructure, property, livelihoods, and the overall resilience of coastal communities, many of which encompass lower socioeconomic residents. Riverside is dedicated to providing support services to identify and implement solutions for underprivileged coastal communities struggling with the impacts of dramatic climate change.