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NCEI and Riverside host the IRA/BIL User Engagement Team in Asheville, NC!

June 17, 2024
Group image of all the NCEI PMs and Riverside and partner staff members of the IRA BIL User Engagement Team at NCEI Asheville.

Riverside Technology, inc (Riverside) would like to thank all staff of the IRA/BIL User Engagement IPG team for coming out to Asheville, NC for a whirlwind seminar with our partners at NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI). We are proud to have this amazing and talented team working towards equitable access to, and engagement with, critical environmental and climate data!

Thank you to our Partners: ISciences, AECOM, Cadmus, CASE Consultants, STC, Deloitte, and BLN24 for your support and expertise! 


Riverside will provide science and user engagement support to meet NOAA’s directives in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL). This is a unique opportunity to focus on several sectors of the U.S. economy to become more resilient in facing climate risks and impacts, not only for the present but also with an eye to the future. 

Riverside and its partners will join a conference hosted by the American Society of Civil Engineers in late June 2024 to deepen NOAA’s understanding of user needs and priorities for the architecture and engineering sector. Since May, the Riverside team has been working with the Retail Industry Leaders Association to identify priority needs for major, nationwide retailers. Later this summer, NOAA will begin working with the reinsurance industry to identify priority products and services to improve climate risk decision-making in collaboration with the Reinsurance Association of America.With support from Riverside and its partners, NOAA is conducting extensive outreach and engagement to identify needs, develop new products, support vulnerable populations, and strengthen the U.S. economy.