NOAA Sci-Tech

NOAA Contract No. DG133E10CQ0033 (Awarded in October 2010)
Scientific, Technical Support Services (Sci-Tech)

Riverside was one of five task order contract recipients for this 60 month, $550 million contract that covers a wide spectrum of objectives related to climate adaptation and mitigation, a weather ready nation, healthy oceans and resilient coastal communities and ecosystems. As NOAA prepares to serve the nation in the next decade and beyond, the Riverside Sci-Tech Team is prepared to support the vision of healthy and productive communities, economies, and ecosystems in a changing world. Because NOAA’s broad responsibility encompasses physical, chemical, and ecological missions, Riverside's approach to providing the best possible support across all of NOAA’s disciplines is to team with highly qualified partner companies. This approach ensures total mission coverage, with companies who have already been providing many years of service to NOAA. The Riverside Sci-Tech Team has well over 100,000 employees around the world. Specifically, Riverside and our teaming partners employ over 760 PhDs and 7,400 staff with advanced degrees in technical fields. Over 450 of the Riverside Sci-Tech Team’s employees are currently working for NOAA. This team lives and breathes the NOAA mission and has supported NOAA for half of its existence. Under the NOAA Scientific, Technical Support Services (Sci-Tech) contract, the Riverside Sci-Tech team seamlessly integrates commonalities of NOAA’s research, development, and support requirements within and across NOAA line offices. This team consists of highly qualified partner companies that provide total mission coverage for NOAA’s environmental forecasting and stewardship responsibilities. The flexibility we offer is essential for supporting NOAA’s physical, chemical, and ecological missions in a dynamically challenging world.

Contact Information
George Smith, Ph.D.
(540) 589-5048 

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