The RiverTrak Flood Inundation Mapping System can build out potential future scenarios along a specific river. These scenario maps exist for designated flood stages (Action, Flood, Moderate, and Major) and provide the flexibility for a user to define even more extreme events in an emergency management plan. RiverTrak provides an interactive floodplain map to easily develop response plans and the flexibility to update, expand and add new emergency management plans. This type of planning can also help organize, track and provide a basis for decision making on floodplain mitigation and planning. Due to the ease and accessibility of quickly modelling a flood of any capacity, the scenario maps can show vulnerable areas that require mitigation on an interactive floodplain map. RiverTrak scenario mapping also helps users gain awareness and prepare mitigation in their emergency management plans for areas that may not have experienced flooding in the past but are identified as vulnerable in the event of major floods.

RiverTrak provides web based tools to annotate and mark-up interactive floodplain maps for various flood stages that can be easily assessed during flood events to aid in rapid response and situational awareness.

Scenario maps are visualized in much the same way that real-time maps are, with all the information about flood extent and depth included. There is easy integration between the information created in an emergency management plan and executing those actions in real-time.

We  provide an affordable, accurate, and swift interactive floodplain mapping system that connects early warning, planning, and situational awareness to emergency management.

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