Riverside Technology, inc. launches RiverTrak: A real-time flood inundation mapping system

Riverside Technology, inc. is pleased to announce the official launch of the RiverTrak ™ Flood Inundation Mapping System. RiverTrak’s unique process rapidly produces maps in real time, provides forecast maps, and offers a library of scenario maps. These maps give a high-resolution visual of historical floods, current floods and conditions, and floods that may occur in the future.

RiverTrak’s advanced approach rapidly and reliably generates real-time flood extents and depths for use in emergency management and flood mitigation. By providing an affordable and accurate mapping system, RiverTrak puts the power of real-time response, early warning, planning, and situational awareness in the hands of the user.

With RiverTrak, miles of flood extents are processed in seconds, providing immediate flood inundation information. Our Flood Inundation Mapping (FIM) approach utilizes a unique hydrologic model, data from river gages, and an underlying digital-elevation model to map where water is going in real time. These dynamic maps reflect forecast and current data and improve communication among emergency management departments, local organizations, and broader support organizations during a flood event.

“Flooding can be a deadly natural disaster when information is not readily available to take the proper action and precautions required,” said Larry Brazil, President and CEO of Riverside. “Riverside has developed RiverTrak to help communities mitigate future loss by understanding past flood events, plan for future flood events, and receive real-time information to respond to flooding.”

The City of Fort Collins, Colorado, home to Riverside’s headquarters, played a crucial role in the development of RiverTrak, serving as a beta tester and providing valuable insight into how RiverTrak’s functionality can best meet the needs of customers. Fort Collins is a national leader in floodplain management, achieving an exceptional Community Rating System (CRS) score of two from FEMA this past May, placing them as one of only five communities in the United States who have met the rating criteria. FEMA recognized Fort Collins as having “developed one of the nation’s most exemplary comprehensive programs.”

“The City of Fort Collins was honored to participate as a beta tester for RiverTrak,” said Wade Troxell, Mayor of Fort Collins. “The City is a platform for assisting innovation in the community. This kind of project also fosters transparent, valuable, and effective government by providing open data in a way that’s easily accessible to residents. We are proud to work with Riverside, a local company, to provide an innovative way for community Emergency Managers to prepare and respond to flooding.”

Visit rivertrak.com for more information and contact Riverside Technology to learn how the RiverTrak System can work for your community.