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Management Team - Riverside Technology, inc.

Management Team

Riverside Principals

Riverside is a privately held corporation, managed and operated by four principals who have extensive consulting and engineering experience in Riverside’s specialized areas of expertise.

Riverside Principals List

Dr. Brazil is responsible for strategic direction and sustainable growth for Riverside. He specializes in developing and evaluating worldwide projects related to monitoring and protecting natural resources. His technical role as a water resources engineer involves DSS development, deterministic and stochastic modeling, information system design, and data analysis. He leads technical assistance activities internationally focusing on forecasting water availability and use of hydrometeorological forecast information for flood mapping, water supply, hydropower, and emergency response and preparedness.
Dr. Larry Brazil
President and Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Martin designs and applies information technology for land and water resources planning and management, and has participated as researcher or team leader for international development projects in Asia, Africa, and the Americas. As Director of Business Development, he is responsible for strategic business planning, and for maintaining and promoting relationships with project partners and clients.
Dr. Timothy C. Martin
Vice President and Director of Business Development
Mr. Greer is responsible for financial planning and directing budgeting and spending for the company. In addition to his CFO duties, Mr. Greer is responsible for managing software design, database design, and model development including decision support systems, hydrologic simulation, data acquisition, database development, and interactive software interface design. He also serves as Riverside's Contract Manager, responsible for administering and maintaining contracts between Riverside and its partners and clients.
Mr. Douglas Greer
Secretary/Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Day specializes in watershed modeling, river forecasting technology, and decision support systems for water management. He has extensive experience in implementing these technologies and systems in the U.S. and around the world. Dr. Day serves as Riverside's Chief Engineer, and oversees the day-to-day technical operations for Riverside's office in Fort Collins.
Dr. Gerald "Jay" Day
Vice President and Chief Engineer

Management Team Leaders

Management Team Leaders

In addition to the principals of the company, Riverside’s staff includes the following management team leaders:

Team Leaders List

Mr. Ashe is responsible for developing business and marketing strategies at Riverside, as well as managing proposal development. As part of his job, Mr. Ashe represents Riverside at meetings and various conferences to communicate with potential partners and clients about Riverside's services.
Brian Ashe
Manager of Business Development
Dr. Seguin has over 36 years in data management, applications software development, systems engineering, and strategic planning experience through his career with NOAA as division chief at the National Climatic Data Center, as deputy laboratory chief of the NWS Meteorological Laboratory, as the systems engineer for the NWS AWIPS Program, and program leader in the Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research. He brings this experience to enhance Riverside's capabilities to meet client needs for strategic planning and project development.
Dr. Ward Seguin
Senior Program Manager
Dr. Burkhalter has more than 16 years of experience in the civil engineering industry including consulting and academic research projects. As a water resources group leader, his primary responsibilities include overseeing the performance of the Water Resources Group and actively serving as a project manager. His technical experience includes a broad range of water-related projects with an emphasis on hydrologic and hydraulic modeling.
Dr. Phil Burkhalter, P.E.
Water Resources Group Leader
Mr. Settle manages the financial management system and contract accounting/project accounting reporting. His areas of technical expertise include strategic planning, government contract accounting, project cost accounting, financial reporting and analysis, cash management, payroll, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.
Vernon W. Settle, CMA
Corporate Controller
Mr. Daddio has more than 30 years of professional experience and holds Master’s degrees in Physical Oceanography and in Computer Science. He manages several of Riverside’s government contracts in science and engineering applications. Most notably, he manages Riverside's $115M, 5-year Technical Support, Systems Engineering and Engineering Service (TSSEES) contract with NOAA's National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS) that provides science, engineering and administrative services for NOAA’s satellite programs.
Ernest Daddio
Senior Program Manager - Silver Spring, MD Operations
Prior to joining Riverside, Dr. Smith spent 33 years with NOAA supporting and leading the Hydrology and Water Resources Program, NWS river forecast system development, and NOAA strategic planning and programming for weather and water initiatives. He brings this experience to Riverside's expanding focus in decision support, sustainable environmental solutions, and climate change. Dr. Smith is also responsible for leading strategic initiatives and developing relationships with both domestic and international clients and partners.
Dr. George Smith
Senior Program Manager
Mr. Kane specializes in the development and implementation of real-time river forecasting and decision support for water resources systems. He has managed projects involving these systems throughout the US including at the TVA and BPA, and internationally in India, Panama, El Salvador, South Africa, Viet Nam, and Uzbekistan. As Director of Operations, Mr. Kane is responsible for the overall operation and performance of the technical staff within the Fort Collins office.
Michael Kane, P.E., CFM
Director - Fort Collins Operations
Ms. Sump has more than 15 years experience in business development including full lifecycle proposal management and development, corporate marketing, and business development operations. Special expertise in business analytics supports strategic planning and decision making. Ms. Sump manages a team responsible for proposal development, marketing, innovative problem solving, and thought leadership across departments, directly impacting revenue production and influencing corporate direction.
Cathy Sump
Manager of Business Development Operations
Dr. Laitos has extensive experience managing and implementing USAID, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and FAO water and development projects in countries located throughout South, Southeast, and Central Asia; Sub-Saharan Africa and the Mid-East; and Eastern Europe. He specializes in water and land institutional analysis, strengthening, and capacity building at field, regional, national, and transboundary levels.
Dr. W. Robert Laitos
Senior Development Specialist
Mr. Thiemann specializes in forecast and decision support system implementation, hydrologic model development, calibration, and software design. As a senior water resources engineer and group leader, his responsibilities include project management, development and implementation of the RiverTrak® data acquisition and forecasting system, and model calibration for the National Weather Service River Forecast System (NWSRFS), RiverTrak® and the NWS Research Distributed Hydrologic Model (RDHM).
Michael Thiemann
Water Resources Group Leader
Mr. McDonald has over 15 years experience in solution architecture, user interface design, and database design. He has expertise in portal, Internet, and E-commerce technologies. His past experience includes software engineer, IT Director and Solution Architect positions. Currently, he is responsible for driving business development and managing and delivering successful IT projects, including managing Riverside’s $4M, 2-year IT Support contract with NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory.
Monte McDonald
Software Group Leader
Mr. Woodbury specializes in conceptualizing, developing, and directing the implementation of projects involving water resource management systems. His expertise includes project management, training development and delivery, and technical development and review in data collection and analysis, model calibration, and system implementation. As a Water Resources Group Leader, Mr. Woodbury is responsible for the overall operation and performance of the Water Resources Group within the Fort Collins office.
Mark Woodbury
Senior Program Manager
Ms. Nielsen reviews and edits all contract documents supporting Riverside’s consulting services. As part of her administrative responsibilities, she aids in the development and maintenance of Riverside’s Contracts Management budget and operating plan. Ms. Nielsen tracks the deliverables and budgets for the majority of Riverside’s contracts/projects, ensuring that the project is delivered on time and within budget.
Laura Nielsen
Contract Specialist and Project Coordinator
Mr. Woodcock oversees the administration and maintenance of the company's IT infrastructure including UNIX-based computer systems and PC networks. He manages planning and implementing major modifications to Riverside's supporting regional infrastructure. In addition to IT management, Mr. Woodcock specializes in watershed sciences, hydrology, and hydrometry, and designing, populating, and troubleshooting relational database systems including Informix, SQL Server and Microsoft Access.
Stan Woodcock
IT Manager
Jason Polly is a GIS and Remote Sensing Analyst specializing in geospatial science, geodatabase management, remote sensing, tool development, and natural resource management. As the GIS Group Leader, his primary responsibilities include overseeing the performance and technical expertise of the GIS group. Mr. Polly has studied GIS and Remote Sensing at Colorado State University where he earned concentrations in Geospatial Information Systems and Parks and Protected Area Management.
Jason Polly
GIS Group Leader